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Our Objective

  1. To help the weaker section in general and land-less peasants, marginal farmers, share- croppers, particularly to get themselves organized and critically aware of the existing unequal socio-cultural improvement of the village as well as the society.
  2. The assist the needy persons to form a broad solidarity, in order to make them aware and fight for Human Right and Justice.
  3. To stimulate basic understanding of community needs.
  4. To develop local resources of the communities thus to bring a sense ownership and responsibility for community building.
  5. To encourage women in bringing them into a common platform thus to develop a sense of oneness among them to fight against the atrocities against them.
  6. To form community based organizations (CBOs) like Village Development Committees and Women’s Organization thus to form local action groups to launch their own programme with their own resources.
  7. To bring about a positive change in the status of the health and to popularize preventive and promotive health care at low cost and within the capacity management of the community.
  8. To encourage women in income generating activities thus to develop their partnership with the men in economic development of their families.
  9. To promote educational activities and excursions considering the limitation and ability of the cost sharing of the people.
  10. To establish effective structure of CBOs to bring all of them together in a common platform thus to collect opinion from all the members and come up with a jointly decided solutions.