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Secretary’s Desk

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CENTRE has a system of mutual sharing among the members directly associated with the management of the affairs of the organization on the happening in managing the overall work executions and thereby to critically review the workings and loopholes for necessary rectification inductive to the management development. Some procedures are also followed in the context of organization development and in addition to that, necessary training are imparted to the key person at the staff level and base level group leaders of Mahila Mandal (Women’s Group) and Village Committee.

The top-level management of HDC is its Governing Body consisting of 9 members. The office bearers are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and the remaining four are members. It enjoys the general power of management, supervision and conducts the overall affairs of the organization.

Project Administrative body of the organization is its mid-level management of which the Secretary-cum-project Director is the Chief Executive under whom there is one Coordinator. These two functionaries run and administer the whole administrative system at different level.

On the programme component side, programme Coordinator coordinates and handles all the programmes at the field level with the assistance of supervisors who are in charges of various programmes like women’s programmes, health etc.. Under the supervisors, there are Village Level Workers (VLWs) for implementation of field level activities as per their technical guidance.

In the office set up, there is officer-in-charge, Accountant, Computer Operator etc..

Both the set up works under the instruction and guidance of the Administrative body.